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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

7 Days

The election is in 7 days and I am ready for it to get here.  It's been really amazing how many folks are really fed up with government.  Both locally and nationally, people are tired of bailouts, corruption, tax cheats, TARP and especially politicians with ethics violations.  We are all really tired of  empty words and fruitless candidates.  It seems that our country and our community are  like Israel wonderring the wilderness.  Six months ago we voted in the largest election in our history. Massive turnouts across our country.  In Olive Branch over 14,000 people voted. 15 years ago Olive Branch barely had 14,000 people total!  And only 4 years ago, barely 3,000 people voted in the city elections.  There is one reason why we don't see change at the local level and we see it every morning when we look in the mirror.  It's  me and you. 

My campaign is based on the fact that we need to "step up" to the plate.  The average age in Olive branch is just over 30.  We have schools that are busting at the seems yet we have an infrastructure that is being built around a plan from 1993 when there were more cows in Olive Branch than kids playing soccer.  A year ago we had homes that would sell at $120/sqft.  Today there are signs along Goodman and Hwy 305 advertising $50/sqft.  That's not the future I want to see for my kids nor my home value.  It's a tough economy and we need active leadership, not career and passive politicians.  It still amazes me that after researching the Olive Branch hospital issue that not one of our alderman... well, let me promise you this: as Alderman At-Large and Olive Branch's only city-wide alderman, I will got to Jackson or anywhere else need be to help get us that hospital we deserve. We need a plan to build and grow our community and in todays economy the hospital project would provide a much needed "shot in the arm".

So as my campaign is moves forward, I need your help!  If you know anyone in the Olive Branch area, please remind them to vote next Tuesday, May 5th. 
I hope to see y'all soon!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Endorsement by the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association
Got the letter today from the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association endorsing my candidacy for the Olive Branch Alderman At-Large position.  I had a great meeting with them last Friday and look forward to hopefully be working with our law enforcement officers in the future.  My nine year old son, Zach, went with me to the meeting.  I told him that everyone at the table was involved with police departments all across DeSoto County and to be on his best behavior while we were talking.  He didnt say hardly a word which is very unusual for Zach.  Especially since he was dressed up as a latin Elvis impersonator for a play.
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