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Friday, March 20, 2009

Questions from the DeSoto Times Tribune


1) What qualifies you to serve as Alderman-At-Large for the second largest city in the state's fastest-growing county?
Well, from a professional point of view, my career in finance and economics gives me a fiscal and development perspective that is needed in today’s economy. Also, my local, regional and national leadership positions have allowed me to develop the leadership skills to promote and develop sound policies.  That said, I feel it’s my passion for our community and my desire to bring smart and good government through wise decisions and cutting edge technology with grassroots communication to all of us in Olive Branch.

2) What do you feel is the top issue facing Olive Branch during the next four years and how would you tackle that issue? 
There are actually three issues that are interrelated: Safety and Security, Sound Fiscal Policy, and Sustainable Smart Growth.  Given where Olive Branch is geographically, we can’t afford not to have the very best in our police, fire and emergency services.  It’s imperative that we have investment in training and technology to allow Olive Branch’s finest be the best they can be.  That is directly related to sound fiscal policy.  We must be resolute in making sure we are frugal with tax payers moneys while at the same time building for the future with Sustainable Smart Growth.  The explosive growth of Olive Branch created stress points in our infrastructure. It’s not just our roads that are over burdened, it’s our schools, our emergency services and our parks. I will work passionately to make sure we address these interrelated issues to make Olive Branch an even better place to live and raise a family. 

3) In the face of a recession, how would you plan to continue the same level of or better existing city services without adjustments to personnel,
infrastructure projects, etc? 
Employers like FedEx and families across Olive Branch and all across America, are making prudent financial decisions given the current economy.  They are cutting staff, cutting cost and cutting excess spending. Like many families, my wife and I have done the same thing in our family budget. As a fiscal conservative, I view wasteful spending as a failure of public policy and as Olive Branch’s Alderman At-Large, the only city wide alderman, I will work to insure we invest in our future by making sure we promote our community as a great place to live and retire.  That means we must promote Olive Branch to attract quality businesses like hospitals/medical services and the jobs that come with them, so as to create a growing, vibrant tax base in Olive Branch.


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